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5 - 8 November 2014
     European Land Stewardship Congress

Ready for the First European Land Stewardship Congress

The First European Land Stewardship Congress 'Land: Quality of Life' that will take place on 05-08 November 2014 at CosmoCaixa in Barcelona is coming. female viagra online Australia no prescription! Workshops, round tables, technical and social activities, film, photos and poster exhibitions, oral presentations and field trips are only some of the activities you will find during the LandLife Congress. You can find the full program Check it out!
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The Barcelona Declaration: a keystone for the future of Land Stewardship in Europe

For the first time in Europe, a wide range of public and private organisations and people from worldwide will meet in Barcelona to talk about Land Stewardship at the first European Congress of Land Stewardship. They will discuss, generate ideas and exchange experiences and knowledge in order to suggest directions and proposals for the future of land stewardship in Europe. The “Barcelona Declaration on Land Stewardship” will be debated and presented during the Congress.


Enjoy the Congress parallel activities!

Besides workshops and other plenary sessions, the European Congress of Land Stewardship will offer the participants the opportunity to engage in many parallel activities. In a dedicated space called “Land Stewardship film exhibition” you can watch films, documentaries and short promotional videos related to the environment, nature conservation and land stewardship. If you want to see the products of the lands with land stewardship agreements, you can go to the “Land Stewardship market” where you will learn how the stewardship supports local products and encourages good land management practices. If your main goal is to meet new people interested in land stewardship and “make networking”, the Congress will have a dedicated specific space called “Land Stewardship Stoa” to share ideas and knowledge, present projects and new initiatives and to facilitate and promote networking between the organisations and persons taking part in the Congress. Let's play the Stewardship! “Land Stewardship comes into play” is a role game which aims to raise awareness on land stewardship and on the decisive role stakeholders play in the delivery of nature conservation and the responsible management of natural resources. Do you want to know which are the best examples of Land Stewardship in Europe? The Congress will set up a permanent “Poster exhibition” in order to exchange knowledge and experiences and explain in a smart way the objectives, milestones and results of your projects.  Moreover, another permanent exhibition, called “Connect with nature” will show the best 30 pictures of the campaign organized within the framework of the first European LandLife Week: the pictures were selected by a panel of judges from among the more than 250 pictures received during the contest. And, if this isn’t enough, the Congress will have a session called “Meet and Tell”, where participants can meet representatives of public institutions, agencies and experts to exchange information related to relevant policies for land stewardship, funding opportunities and lessons learned from practice.


Discover the lands of Land Stewardship

The last day of the Congress, the 8th November 2014, will be dedicated to visiting areas under stewardship agreements. During the first visit, participants will discover the area of the l'Alt Empordà and will be guided through the wetland areas and the forests of the Selva region to see examples  of sustainable land management for biodiversity conservation. Attendants will visit different areas managed by the Fundacio Emys, including one of the first land stewardship agreement in Catalonia, signed in 1987, with the aim of protecting the habitat of the European turtle (Emys orbicularis). During the second visit, participants will discover “Agrarian Stewardship” as a means to promote landscape conservation through sustainable agriculture. We will visit Can Torres, a 75 hectare vineyard based on the area of Albera that produces organic wine.  Can Torres is located in an area with high natural value such the temporary ponds of Gutina which are part of Natura 2000 Network, as well as cultural value with megalithic remains. Can Torres has a land stewardship agreement with IAEDEN (Institució Altempordanesa per a la Defensa i Estudi de la Natura) which aims to ensure the conservation of land with the implementation of modern agricultural practices.


Land: Quality of Life – a sustainable Congress!

The first European Land Stewardship Congress “Land: Quality of life” has been designed as a Green Event in order to reduce its ecological footprint. This will be achieved both by implementing environmental measures for impact reduction and by offsetting the impacts.

The environmental measures taken in the Congress include:

 - Selecting an environmentally friendly Congress centre as CosmoCaixa with an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001 and the European EMAS Regulation.

 - Implementation of working methodologies and guidelines for organizers and attendees that will minimize the consumption of resources such as paper and energy and waste generation. 

 - Offering and encouraging the use of more sustainable accommodations, transports and leisure activities.

Besides, unavoidable impacts will be offset through different activities:

 - Planting trees, before and after the Congress, in areas under stewardship agreements.
 - Financing the preservation of mature forests under land stewardship agreements.



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