LandLife Newsletter July 2013 (English version)


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LandLife workshop in Montpellier, France: a success!

The first of the LandLife workshops was hosted by Conservatoire d'espaces naturels du Languedoc-Roussillon in Montpellier, on 22-23 April. The most important issue of this workshop was to 'Rethink and initiate land stewardship in France'.  More than 60 people took part in it; the majority of participants was French, but an international flavour was given to the workshop by delegates from the Netherlands, Spain and the USA.
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LandLife workshop in Giussago, Italy: another great success!

The second of the LandLife workshops took place in Giussago (Italy) on 10 - 11 May and was hosted by Legambiente.  More than 80 participants attended the workshop, with a wide variety of stakeholders. The key topic of the first day was the promotion of Land Stewardship as an innovative tool to stop land consumption and the loss of biodiversity, through the various projects and
experiences that have been set up in Italy and Europe.
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LandLife workshop in Catalonia, Spain: a great international meeting point!

The third and last LandLife workshop was host by XCT - Xarxa de Custodia del Territori, in Tavertet (Catalonia), on 29 – 31 May. The workshop was a meeting point for people and organisations from all across Europe.  Participants debated about the state of art of Land Stewardship in Europe, its future prospects and possible development strategies. It was a very lively workshop with enthusiastic participants, who were especially keen to make a success of the First European Land Stewardship Congress that will be held in Barcelona (Catalonia) in November 2014.

Take part: become a LandLife advisor!

Is now online the LandLife helpdesk, a forum to ask any question/doubt related to land stewardship. The helpdesks is addressed to land stewardship organisations, NGO’s officers, landowners and farmers, local administration, and others stakeholders involved in land stewardship projects and offers the possibility to participate in a collaborative learning platform, networking for knowledge sharing, and getting in touch with an advisors team and land stewardship experts around Europe.
Who can become a LandLife advisor?


The European Land Stewardship Manual is now available online!

The first European Land Stewardship Manual, “Caring together for nature. Manual on land stewardship as a tool to promote social involvement with the natural environment in Europe”, is now available on LandLife website (
With it we communicate land stewardship and instruments and tools to implement it, using a European-wide approach. The Manual shows the great potential of Land Stewardship as a tool for nature and biodiversity conservation in Europe.


Land Stewards

In the south of the Netherlands, Natuurmonumenten manages large parts of the stream valley of the Geul ('Geuldal'). Natuurmonumenten works together with farmers and aims to improve the natural values of the area. At the same time local economies are boosted as the beautiful area attracts many visitors.
Old orchards, often removed as they are not economically attractive anymore, are maintained and replanted. Hedgerows, which were once widely spread in the area, providing a space for birds, mice and many other organisms, are now newly planted.


LandLife website has been updated!

Our website (www.landstewardship) has been enriched with many new sections and materials…Check it! You can follow us also on facebook and twitter

Now you can choose to read this newsletter also in Catalan, Spanish, French and Italian

Workshop reports
The reports of the three workshops will be uploaded soon on LandLife websitenline soon

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