1st European Land Stewardship Congress. A complete success!

From IMG 58215 to 8 November more than 250 persons attended the First European Land stewardship Congress in CosmoCaixa, Barcelona.

Attendants had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities from technical workshops to social activities.  


Based on the congress topics a total of 13 workshops were organised by a wide range of organisations: ECNC, Eurosite, Europarc Spain, Biodiversity Foundation, Paisatges Vius, Submon, CERM, CEN-LR, Legambiente Lombardia and xct.

Speakers from worldwide presented their experiences and explained how land stewardship can be used as a tool for nature conservation and biodiversity and its contribution to implement regional and European policies.

Workshops’ results were presented during the closing session the 07th November.

In the next weeks is planned the publication of the Congress’ report that includes the results of the different workshops. Stay tuned!

Technical communications (shorts communications)

A total of 26 shorts communications were presented in different sessions. Communications were grouped in different topics in order to facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge and facilitate the debate:

  • Technical Implementation of Land Stewardship. Legal bases and mechanisms
  • Land Stewardship: rewilding and species conservation initiatives
  • Financing Land stewardship. Conservation banking and ecosystem services
  • Technical implementation of Land Stewardship.Best practices and experiences
  • Communicating Land stewardship and networking Enhancing innovation

Other activities

A total of 23 posters about specific land stewardship initiatives were showed in the permanent poster exhibition.

Different networking sessions were planned coinciding with the coffee breaks at the Stoa space (Room Pi) where participants had the opportunity to exchanges experiences and make new contacts.

The Congress also organised some social activities such the guided visited to CosmoCaixa and planetarium, the role game about land stewardship and the presentation of the documental "Between the Sky and the Earth. 30 years of the Empordà Wetlands"

Field trips

The 08th November Congress’ attendants visited two land stewardship experiences in Catalonia:

  • Towards a sustainable management for biodiversity conservation from a land stewardship approach, organised by Fundació Emys
  • Agrarian Stewardship to promote landscape conservation through sustainable production organised by IAEDEN-Gob Menorca.

Barcelona Declaration on Land Stewardship

During the Congress attendants had the opportunity to made comments and suggestions to the Barcelona Declaration. These comments were presented during the workshops about the creation of a European Land Stewardship network organised by Biodiversity Foundation the 07th November.

The Declaration was formally presented in the closing session and signed by the firsts organisations between others: Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera, Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), Biodiversity Foundation, Foro de Redes y Entidades de Custodia del Territorio and the LandLife partners xct, Eurosite, Legambiente, CEN-LR and Prysma.

The Declaration will be available in different languages on the LandLife website and we will open officially the Declaration to new signatures. Stay tuned!


The Congress would not be possible without the help of the 11 volunteers that worked so hard to make the Congress a complete success. Volunteers also facilitated the short communications sessions as a part of training and learning activity to strengthen their skills.


All the workshops and short communications' presentations will be available on the LandLife website soon.

Best LIFE Information project

best life

The LANDLIFE project (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) will be awarded one of the 5 best LIFE Information projects 2015.

  • Landlife Congress
    • Land Trust Alliance Rally 2016

      National Land Conservation Conference (29th year of Rally). Minneapolis.
      Organized by the Land Trust Alliance. From 28th to 30th of October.

    • Natura 2000 Day

      Natura 2000 Day

      In May, people across Europe will get to celebrate the European Union's Natura 2000 network. A variety of exciting events are being organised at Natura 2000 sites on and around Saturday, 21 May 2016 for members of the public and visitors to these protected havens.

    • Workshop on sustainable forestry in the UK

      The 1st workshop in a series of 4 will take place in Milverton, Somerset, UK from 17-20 March 2016.



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