Save the date. LandLife chat!

landlifeNext 17 December at 14:00h (CET time) you have a meeting with experts on nature conservation and land stewardship , Brent Mitchell - Senior Vice president at QLF Atlantic Center for the Environment-, Tilmann Disselhoff - National Network Coordinator at Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU)-, and other LandLife advisors will answer all your questions related to nature conservation and land stewardship. 

How does the chat work?

We will use the LandLife helpdesk that works as a question and answer platform. It’s not necessary to be registered on the helpdesk platform to put questions but registration is necessary in case you want to comment on other questions or answers.

We recommend you to send your questions by advance, but you can do it the same day.

Please fill the next form http://www.crmxct.org/helpdesk/node/add/pregunta

You also can send us your questions by twitter by using the hashtag #LandLife

At 14:00 the LandLife advisers will be online and they will answer your questions via helpdesk and twitter. The session will be about two hours’ length.

The LandLife helpdesk has a language translator so you can put your question in any language you want, but we recommend the use of English language. If you prefer send your questions and comments by twitter only English is available.

Join us! The 17th December at 14:00 you have a meeting with Land stewardship experts!  

Best LIFE Information project

best life

The LANDLIFE project (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) will be awarded one of the 5 best LIFE Information projects 2015.

  • Landlife Congress
    • Land Trust Alliance Rally 2016

      National Land Conservation Conference (29th year of Rally). Minneapolis.
      Organized by the Land Trust Alliance. From 28th to 30th of October.

    • Natura 2000 Day

      Natura 2000 Day

      In May, people across Europe will get to celebrate the European Union's Natura 2000 network. A variety of exciting events are being organised at Natura 2000 sites on and around Saturday, 21 May 2016 for members of the public and visitors to these protected havens.

    • Workshop on sustainable forestry in the UK

      The 1st workshop in a series of 4 will take place in Milverton, Somerset, UK from 17-20 March 2016.



LandLife (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) has been made possible by the European Commission’s LIFE programme. For more information, please visit http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/