Parallel activities

Film Exhibition

The Land Stewardship film exhibition is a space where you can watch films, documentaries and shorts promotional videos related to environment, nature conservation and land stewardship.

The goal of the Land Stewardship film exhibition is to bring awareness on the importance of nature for our quality of life and to show how the way in which we interact with nature and we manage land and natural resources has a decisive impact in the environment.

Between others, attendants will be able to watch one of the films from the Environmental International Film Festival (FICMA).

Space: Cosmocaixa. Room pending to decide.

Schedule: 06th and 07th November 2014

Programme: Stay tuned for the film exhibition programme!

Land Stewardship Market

Land stewardship market is an initiative promoted by Land Stewardship Network in Catalonia - xct which aims to promote and to commercialise products and services produced in lands with land stewardship agreements and therefore they are respectful to nature and environment:

  • Land stewardship market encourages good land management practices;
  • Promotes local farms' products;
  • Offers economical benefits to landowners;
  • Represent an alternative funding for land stewardship organisations;
  • A sample of land stewardships products will be showcase during the Congress.

Important: The products you will find at Cosmocaixa are not for sale. The sale and purchase of products is forbidden at the Cosmocaixa facilities. In case you are interested to acquire some of the products, please, ask to xct staff or Congress volunteers or contact us to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. and we will inform you how to acquire the products.

Place: Cosmocaixa. Room pending to decide.

Schedule: Permanent activity from 05th to 07th November 2014.

Land Stewardship Stoa: Marketplace and Networking

Stoa is a roofed colonnade typical in the ancient Greek architecture. These spaces were open to the public and aimed to facilitate meetings especially during raining or warming days. Stoas turned into a permanent exhibition space where people met to share products, artwork and philosophical ideas.

Based on the Stoa concept, the Congress offers a specific space for share ideas and knowledge, present projects and new initiatives and, in definitive, to facilitate and promote networking between the organisations and persons participants in the Congress.

The Land Stewardship Stoa offers open networking and conversations with other participants and also roundtables to discuss about specific topics.

At the Land Stewardship Stoa you will also find large papers about some of the Congress themes where you will be able to introduce comments and suggestions and propose initiatives and ideas.

Participants will also find coffee and pastries to harmonise the session.

Place: Cosmocaixa: Room pending to decide.

Schedule: 06th and07th November 2014. Stay tuned for the specific schedule!

Role Game: "Land Stewardship comes into play!"

"Land stewardship comes into play" is a role game which aims to raise awareness on land stewardship (concept, process to reach a land stewardship agreement, negotiation, management, etc.) and on the decisive role stakeholders' play on nature conservation and the responsible management of natural resources.

The game starts with an introduction to the land stewardship concepts and the different stakeholders involve in this conservation tool. Each participant will play a specific role and should try to cooperate to reach a land stewardship agreement.

The game is located in one European fictional village: Bonaire and participants will negotiate and arrive to agreements to protect and improve the habitat of an endangered bird, the Montagu's Harrier.

Place: Cosmocaixa. Room pending to decide.

Schedule: 06th November 2014. From 18:00h to 19:30h.

Facilitator: Fundació Emys

Poster Exhibition

The First European Land Stewardship Congress offers you the opportunity to present your projects in a permanent poster exhibition which will contribute to exchange knowledge and experiences and explain in a smart way the objectives, milestones and results of your projects.

In addition, short oral presentations of some of the posters will take place during the 06th November. Presentation will be 15 minutes length. If you are interested to present your poster in the oral presentation's sessions, please, indicate it in the registration form.

You can submit your poster by filling the registration form here (soon available)

As a Green Event, the First European Land Stewardship Congress aims to become a minimum paper event. In this way, the Congress' organisers encourage you to use posters already printed or use 100% recycled paper.

The deadline for present your poster proposal is the 02th September 2014. The poster acceptance will be communicated by email by 16th September 2014.

For enquiries about the Poster Exhibition contact to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


Poster exhibition: Permanent activity from 05th to 07th November 2014.

Poster presentations: 06th November 2014. Stay tuned for the specific schedule!.

Connect with Nature Exhibition

This exposition shows the best 30 photos of the "Connect with nature" campaign organised in the framework of the LandLifeweek in 2012. The photographs were selected by a panel of judges among the more than 250 pictures received during the contest.

The exhibition aims to promote the importance of getting in contact with nature, enjoying and experiencing it. Each image depicts a way to connect with nature, showing that there are so many ways to connect with nature as people who choose to do so.

In this sense, Connect with nature exhibition is an opportunity to strength the involvement of people in nature conservation and biodiversity and promote a more sustainable model of land use.

Place: Cosmocaixa. Room pending to decide.

Schedule: Permanent activity from 05th to 07th November 2014.

Meet and Tell

"Meet and tell" session is a face-to-face meeting where attendants can meet delegates from public institutions, agencies and experts to exchange information related to relevant policies for land stewardship, funding opportunities and lessons learned from practice.

The sessions will bring stakeholders from different sectors and participants will be able to present questions, initiatives and ideas.

These sessions collect the necessity expressed by stakeholders to offer a space for direct communication and share knowledge, as well as a receive advice and orientation, especially in European programmes, facilitating mutual learning between the participants.

Previous registration is needed to participate in this activity. Congress offers different "Meet at Tell" sessions during 06th and 07th November. It is necessary specify in the Congress registration form which day and hour you want to participate in. Seats are limited

Place: Cosmocaixa. Room pending to decide.


  • 06th November 2014: 15:00h to 16:00h and 19:00h to 20:00h
  • 07th November 2014: 09:00h to 10:00h.

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