The First European Land Stewardship Congress will be held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona, order the Science Museum of the “la Caixa” Foundation in Barcelona, ampoule located at Isaac Newton Street, 26.


CosmoCaixa Barcelona was the first interactive Science Museum in Spain and has received several awards including the Best Museum of the Year Award in 2006 from the European Museum Forum. The institution has an established and widely recognised reputation for its pedagogical and educational initiatives. It is a place where both children and adults can learn how the science works while they play through the various activities proposed and the permanent exhibits.

cosmocaixa pendolThe CosmoCaixa also runs an extensive Science in Society program that reaches around 1.5 million people a year through roaming exhibitions, workshops in schools, the internet and television. The objectives of the Science in Society programme are to foster scientific interest and culture among the public, to promote scientific vocations and to show the importance of scientific research as a tool for social change.

The uniqueness of this museum is that, through the five senses, the visitor can learn more about and experience the evolution of life, states of matter, the laws of nature, the world of biology and many other interesting things that surround us in our daily lives. Visitors can actively participate in over 120 different experimental activities relating to physics, chemistry, optics and energy. In addition to its permanent facilities and its open areas, CosmoCaixa offers a scientific and educational programme that includes exhibitions, workshops, conferences, courses and debates involving experts from all over the world. At the same time, CosmoCaixa acts as a forum for scientific culture, where public and scientists can meet, talk and debate the most urgent ideas of today and of all time.

The "la Caixa" Foundation is a member of several European institutional networks, including the European Foundation Centre and ECSITE (European Network of Science Centres and Museums).

The facilities of CosmoCaixa include an art nouveau building that offers to visitors an excellent combination of pleasure and scientific knowledge though different activities and spaces:

The Science Museum

An interactive museum where visitors can learn how the science works through the various activities and permanent exhibits. During the Congress different guided tours will be offered to participants. If you are interested in joining of one these guided tours please indicate so on the Congress registration form.

The Flooded Forest

cosmocaixa bosc inundat

Tropical rainforests are an environmental and scientific treasure. At CosmoCaixa there is an exact replica of a flooded forest of the Brazilian Amazon. The Forest is over 1,000 m² and holds more than 100 native plant species. Participants can visit not only the flooded part but also learn about its relationship with land, and enjoy the fauna and flora from both an underground and aerial perspective.

The Geological Wall

Each of the sections fo the wall illustrates a geological structure and is accompanied by an experiment, specially designed by the technicians of the Science Museum to demonstrate the geological processes.

The Living Matter Room

cosmocaixa sala materia

This exhibition proposes a journey through the history of matter, from the Big Bang to you: the origin of matter, the emergence of the first living organism, the rise of symbolic intelligence and finally, the emergence of human civilization. The exhibition includes experiments and a real living room to enjoy a fascinating journey through the evolution of matter.


Here you can contemplate the Universe as you have never seen it before thanks to the stereoscopic 3D effect! Explore the depths of space and discover the fascinating secrets hidden in the final frontier! The Planetarium projections are informed by the Institute for Space Studies of Catalonia. During the Congress participants can visit the Planetarium. If you would like to attend one of the sessions please specify this in the registration form. The Planetarium explanations are available in Catalan, Spanish, English and French and it is also accessible for persons with sensory impairments.

The Science Square

An open space where you can experience science modules in a natural setting. The square has over 5,000 m² to enjoy both environment and science. Visitors can enjoy interactive modules (machines, sculptures and experiments) to discover and understand more about nature and science.

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The LANDLIFE project (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) will be awarded one of the 5 best LIFE Information projects 2015.



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