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A full day field trip is planned for the last day of the Congress, the 08th November 2014.

Attendants will discover the experiences of land stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture Practices in the area of the l’Alt Empordà and guided through the wetlands and forests of the Selva region to know some experiences of sustainable land management for biodiversity conservation.


Towards a sustainable management for biodiversity conservation from a land stewardship approach

La Selva region is a specially reach area due to its special orography that historically tends to the presence of wetland areas and forests. The herpetofauna is specially diverse in those areas where we can find 80% of the herpetological biodiversity in Catalonia.

During the field trip, we will visit different land stewardship agreements managed by the Fundació Emys, included one of the first land stewardship agreements signed in Catalonia date in 1987 with the aim to protect the habitat of the Emys orbicularis.

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Fundació Emys is a social movement to involve different actors into sustainable land management for biodiversity conservation that works in the area since 1987 to promote wetlands conservation, habitat fragmentation or pollution.

During the visit we will also discover the tipical landscape of the La Selva region: the ponds, the forests, the lands and the masias (typical Catalan farmhouse).


Location: Riudarenes, La Selva

Organisation/s: Fundació Emys

Other Stakeholders: Cooperativa Agroecològica de la Selva, Ajuntament de Riudarenes

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Agrarian Stewardship to promote landscape conservation through sustainable production

During this trip we will visit Can Torres a bio vineyard estate of 75 hectares situated in Albera that produces natural wine.

Can Torres is placed in an area with a high natural values such the temporary ponds of Gutina that is part of Natura 2000 Network, as well as the presence of cultural values such megalithic constructions.

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Can Torres has a land stewardship agreement with IAEDEN with aim to make compatible the conservation of land with the implementation of agrarian practices.

IAEDEN - Institució Alt Empordanesa per a la Defensa i Estudi de la Natura - Institution for the Study and Defense of the Nature (The Alt Empordà) - is a non-profit environmental organisation that is working in Catalonia since 1980. IAEDEN was created as a result of an environmental protest with the aim to protect the Alt Empordà wetlands against the construction of one urbanisation. Afterwards, IAEDEN has been working in the same region, Alt Empordà, to be able to have a sustainable economy that ensures the compatibility of the human activities with the conservation of the environmental values.


Location: Can Torres - Vilartolí (Sant Climent Sescebes)

Organisation/s: IAEDEN

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